Nuo Lend
Getting Started
This is a step-by-step guide as to what you need to do to setup your environment for our Nuo Lend platform — Orion and how you can borrow or lend Ether on it. For info on what this product is and its use-cases, please click here.
Please note that this product is only in beta and you can use this on the main network or on the Kovan test network.

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    Install the MetaMask extension on Firefox(preferable), Chrome, Opera or Brave browser from
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    Click on the MetaMask plugin on the top right corner of your browser and Login or Create a new account on the MetaMask extension and go to Main Ethereum Network or Kovan Test Network.
Sign up or Login to MetaMask and choose Main Ethereum Network or Kovan Test Network
Now, you are ready to start your journey on the Nuo Lend platform. Reload and explore the existing loans and the rest of the platform. If you are in the Main Ethereum Network, you can put in collateral as: Augur, Golem, 0x, OMG, Tron. caIf you are in the Kovan Test Network, we have given an option for you to receive TETH(Test Ether) and TST(our Test Token) from this platform itself.
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